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Where to find the best prostitutes in the world?

Where to find the best prostitutes in the world?

For centuries, mankind has unsuccessfully fought prostitution, forcing sex workers to offer services from the underground, but modern practice has shown that it is easier to legalize the erotic industry for successful control. Dozens of countries have not only cut crime rates many times over, but have made prostitution an integral part of the tourist industry, attracting millions of dollars into their budgets. This has made sex tourism a popular destination, and millions of travelers have turned it into a much-loved leisure activity.

Ranking of countries with attractive and skillful prostitutes

For erotic leisure was bright and memorable for a long time, you need to choose a place for holiday carefully. For instance, even the most experienced travelers will be stunned by the professionalism and attractiveness of the individual women from the following countries:

  1.  Thailand. More than three million people work in the Thai intimate sphere, which makes the country one of the top tourist destinations. Moreover, connoisseurs of rare and unconventional sex services go to Thailand, because there are representatives of rare practices and atypical orientations. The government does not legalize prostitution, but allows prostitutes and brothels to work openly.
  • Cuba. The Liberty Island has been notorious for its loose morals since colonization and, although the government has periodically tried to strangle the unwanted profession, call girls are still a welcome sight for the lads. Today, you can pick up a sun-kissed babe at most of the Cuban resorts – you’ll find a maid along every tourist route, in nightclubs, and on popular boardwalks and beaches.
  •  Argentina. Argentina, unlike the previous countries, has less popular sexual services as they are considered to be illegal. However, internet-dating portals are overwhelmingly specialized in intimate services. For example, almost every escorts site of Buenos Aires prostitutes will please you with hundreds of attractive professionals of all price categories. Moreover, it is much safer for foreigners who are not familiar with the local realities and possible dangers.
  •  Kenya. If you are after exotic beauties then you really have to go to Kenya. The prostitutes in Kenya are considered to be a big success as they can earn good money on the sexual services they offer. Besides, the prices of Kenyan prostitutes are many times more affordable than girls from more hyped destinations. But there is one thing to be mentioned – do not share your personal contacts with the Kenyan girls; she will understand it as a special treatment and will insistently try to get acquainted with them at the client’s place.
  •  Mexico. The Mexican sex industry is a shining example of how prostitution can be useful, because it has been legal here for many years and has improved the country’s wealth over this period. Nowadays, not only American guys, but also tourists from other countries come here to spend their holidays in the company of temperamental Latin girls. You can pick up a hooker in Mexico in different ways: you can meet her in person on the street or in a club, go to an escort agency, or order her online. For example, escorts Queretaro on Pander portal provides possibilities for comfortable and safe intimate dating of foreign holidaymakers. There are also unusual events and festivals to attend, such as the famous Porno-Olympics, where twice a year an entire island is transformed into a massive porn film set, in which everyone can take part.
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