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Union City
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Union City
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Union City is a city located in the state of New Jersey, United States of America. It is part of Hudson County and is situated in the northeastern part of the state, just across the Hudson River from New York City. Union City is known for its diverse population and is considered part of the New York City metropolitan area. It’s a relatively urban and densely populated area with a rich cultural tapestry.

Please note that there are other places named Union City in the United States, such as Union City, California, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you were referring to a different Union City, please specify, and I can provide more information about that location.

Union City is a city located in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. It is part of the New York metropolitan area and is situated approximately 3 miles northwest of Hoboken and 2 miles east of Jersey City. Union City is known for its diverse population, vibrant culture, and convenient access to New York City. If you have specific questions about Union City or need more detailed information, feel free to ask!

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