The Taboo Female Sex Fantasy


There are many types of taboo female sex fantasies that are explored in porn and internet culture. Taboo female sex fantasies are desired sexual experiences with women that are not traditional or accepted by society.

They are acted out by a diverse range of Porn stars. All ages, ethnicities and sexual preferences are actively explored and distributed by the porn industry. Featured below is a list of the most common taboo female sex fantasies and most reputable porn sites that distribute them. 

Many depict power dynamics, publicity, risk and humiliation. All themes are revealed in different ways and often overlap. Domination could even be considered a main category with many of the other topics being subcategories. 

Female Sex Fantasy List 

  1. Virgins
  2. Domination
  3. Anal
  4. Cheating
  5. Group Sex
  6. Orgasm Denial
  7. Older Women
  8. Voyeurism


Virgin sex or legal teenage sex is another top taboo female sex fantasy. This fantasy usually depicts a younger woman with a more mature porn star. Top teen fucked galleries on porn sites. depict female sex images and video content of young adults being penetrated by older adults. 

This is a popular fetish as younger adults are idealized for having more desirable physiques and being less accessible and less experienced as older adults. Dominance and anal are also included in this category to make more popular content. 


One of the top taboo female sex fantasies is domination. This is when a woman is either dominant or submissive and is viewed as sexually stimulating to viewers and readers. Domination can include consensual aggression and disciplinary action such as slapping, flogging, leashing, choking, oral sex and rough sex. 

Dominant individuals are in charge and usually humiliate or even inflict pain on consensual submissive adults. The submissive parties generally establish safe words prior to the sexual encounter to ensure that there is a signal that will stop the experience immediately and definitively. 


Anal is also a popular taboo female sex fantasy. It can involve pain and often is a subcategory of domination. Anal penetration is still considered taboo or untraditional. As a result, it is often viewed as humiliating for the one being penetrated. The shame aspect can make it more enticing and stimulating to both dominant and submissive parties. 

Anal sex often requires more preparation, such as the use of an enema prior to sex and the application of lube. Anal is a type of rough sex which is particularly popular on porn sites. When women penetrate a partner, it’s called pegging and is usually done using strap-ons and toys. 


There are a variety of cheating fantasies explored online. Some of them involve outdoor sex or sex in the house while the partner isn’t paying attention. Cheating fantasies usually stem from the urge to change a situation. Cheating fantasies can occur with strangers or with close friends. 

It can be a whole other experience to watch people start a new affair on a porn site or address on going sexual tension with someone they know. Cheating is risky and daring. As such, it is a topic that enthralls millions of viewers every day. 

Group Sex 

Group sex is when one or more people have sex with over two people at once. It is also known as a gangbang or orgy. Group sex can involve the above topics or stand out on its own. One woman being shared by many guys is a common taboo female sex fantasy and can involve double penetration and/or oral sex. 

The setting of group sex is also pertinent with escort girls. Is it a bar or a private place? The ratio of men to women is also significant. Is one woman with two partners or with twenty? 

Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is yet another form of dominance, usually intended to neglect a partner’s desire to orgasm. Sometimes, the desired outcome of this practice is to generate a more intense orgasm. Other times, it is merely to display one party’s willingness to submit and is a dare of how far they will go to please their master/partner. 

 Usually orgasm denial videos and content will depict a woman being antagonized with toys, oral sex and penetration while being ordered not to orgasm. Other times, it makes one partner less significant than the other. 

Older Women

Older women are another desirable fantasy in the porn industry. Sometimes, they are referred to as M.I.L.F.S. or mother I would like to fuck. This fantasy addresses the desire to do the forbidden, whether it include being with a friend’s mother or meeting an older stranger. 

Older women are usually ignored by society. They are not seen as widely desirable. However, the porn industry would beg to differ. Many older porn stars make a valuable living and gain impressive followings. 


When sex is being watched, this is referred to as voyeurism. Many depictions of voyeurism include wives being watched by their husbands as they get penetrated by strangers. Voyeurism also includes men and women engaging in webcam activity and sexual acts being filmed. 

Voyeurism is fetishized and considered taboo because it is unusual that someone would be excluded from a sex act and get off on it, yet many do. Voyeurism explores humiliation and shame. It also can include any of the topics explored above. 

Taboo Sex Culture

Consensual sex acts with women as the stars can still be considered taboo when norms concerning age, fidelity, humiliation and exhibitionism are challenged. Porn sites put on a show where dominance, anal, cheating voyeurism and age are experimented with. Taboo female sex fantasies often do this through film or images on a multitude of websites. 

Everyone can open up an incognito page through their browser and find their fantasy, whether it be fucking a stranger or their stepfather.  It’s just a couple strolls and clicks away. Who knows, you might even stumble on a unique photo archive of mature cunts or someone you never thought you would see get fucked. 

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