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Are you curious about the highly erotic Nuru massage? Worry not because you’re not alone! The demand and requests for Nuru massage London sessions are on the increase, perhaps because it screams eroticism. Interestingly, this form of massage is also used to straighten and relax the tight muscles. While you may have had the opportunity to experience other forms of massage, nothing comes close to the relaxation and fun you get when you go the Nuru way. Below we shall discover some of the amazing health benefits you receive by getting a true Nuru experience.

What is Nuru massage?

Nuru massage

Nuru is a popular Japanese tradition. However, it isn’t clear for how long the sensual technique has been practiced for many decades. The ancient art of Japanese Nuru massage is a slippery technique where the highly skilled masseuse applies various techniques and uses her body to slide spectacularly on the client. The experience isn’t just invigorating but is easily the most sensually arousing techniques of all the tantric massages. Some men even prefer this form of massage to regular sex. It is a sexually exciting experience considering the female masseuse uses her naked body to slide on the client, thereby allowing him to slip into an erotic world of pure bliss that ultimately closes with a happy ending.

Nuru Massage as a Form of Therapy

Nuru Massage as a Form of Therapy

You wouldn’t immediately think that Nuru massage is therapeutic as it sounds more of a pleasurable activity. While it is true that it provides a sexually exciting form of foreplay for the masseuse and the client, Nuru is so arousing in the most sensual way that it is widely used to provide relief for fatigue and chronic stress. By experiencing a heightened level of arousal or even an orgasmic climax, your body will in turn release endorphins and feel good hormones, which are known to provide mood-enhancing benefits. Since you’re experiencing intense pleasure, Nuru massage allows you to benefit from stress relief.

What Are The Notable Health Benefits You Get From A Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage as a Form of Therapy

As mentioned above, Nuru massage is an ancient therapy designed to offer total muscle relaxation and relieve stress at the same time. The massage technique offered by the experienced masseuses also incorporates an unforgettable, unique sensual experience that provides great relief to the whole body. The additives used to formulate the Nuru gel cause skin suppleness while ensuring your skin is fully moisturized as the antioxidants feed your skin in a positive way. The sliding techniques employed in Nuru encourage the release of toxins and provides the most soothing massage experience, which is almost unachievable with other forms of massage. Here are the six important benefits you get from a well-executed Nuru massage:

1.      Offers Mental Relaxation While Fighting Depression And Stress

The key to good mental health and wellbeing is complete relaxation. Nuru sessions fight stress and encourage clear mindedness once the session is completed.

2.      Improves Blood Flow

By stimulating your body, the erotic massage London administered by a skilled masseuse helps by improving blood circulation throughout your body.

3.      Reduces The Amount Of Cellulite And Fatty Deposits

According to past documentation, it has been proven that kneading, rolling, and squeezing the human body breaks down fatty cells and eliminates cellulite.

4.      Provides A Boost In Digestion And Strengthens The Immune System

By inducing cell rejuvenation, the immune system is immensely strengthened and your digestive system gets a major boost as well.

5.      A Pleasurable Energy Release With A ‘Happy Ending

The erotic, sensual pleasure that comes with this massage technique is yet another unmatched benefit you get in the process. Therefore, the ancient massage technique allows you to enjoy a mind clearing session, thanks to the energy release that comes with climaxing bliss at the happy ending.

Where Can You Get A Professional Nuru Massage?

Even though many people claim to be Nuru specialists, only a handful of service providers offer the real deal. However, Perslu – a renowned agency gives you the opportunity to experience an authentic Nuru session administered by a well-trained masseuse who uses the proper Nuru gel.

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