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Big on Arts and Entertainment? 4 Jobs to Consider in Korea

South Korea, the 12th largest economy in the world, has undoubtedly done well for itself.

The vibrant economy is aptly supported by numerous industries, and young people in the country have a myriad of professions at their fingertips.

If you are at crossroads in trying to make a career choice and would like to find something in arts and entertainment, you will indeed be spoilt for choice.

Here are four suggestions to consider in South Korea:

Teach the Arts

Students on all levels go to school to study art-related subjects and to specialize in a given area, including music, painting, clothing design, and so much more. 

If you love the arts and have a passion for nurturing young minds, teaching can give you a long and satisfying career.

To get started on this, think about the level of teaching you would like, then work towards attaining the right qualifications for it. You also have the option to start teaching at a lower level, and then study as you work towards higher levels of proficiency.


Are you a genius with some paint and a brush? If so, this is a career you should seriously consider.

South Korea has taken painting and murals to a new high with complete mural villages and streets whose walls are covered in brightly colored masterpieces.

As a painter, you can create paintings for sale in residences and hotels. You can do murals and street art, as well.

Before looking for clients actively, be sure to create a portfolio to show off your skills and what you are able to accomplish on canvas.

Professional Dancer

If you have the moves to keep people glued to your performance, dancing is a viable art form to consider, too.

Some formal training or self-training is all you need. You can work for other artists as a backup dancer, you can teach dance, and if you are looking for something incredibly exciting and adventurous, you can enter the adult dancing scene.

With a vibrant adult entertainment in the country, stripper jobs are not difficult to find. An entry-level position, at one to three years of experience, fetches slightly above 17,000,000 South Korean Won.

Make People Beautiful

Makeup artistry has grown significantly, too.

Once a preserve of film starts and top-rated musicians, women today appreciate the look and feel that comes with getting their makeup professionally done with quality South Korean cosmetics.

Once you are able to build a name for yourself, women will seek your services when they have a date or other special occasions where they want to look their best.

To get there, you will need to learn as much as possible about the different skin types and the products that work best for each.

Aside from makeup, you can also look into having a blog or VLOG to teach women how to do their own makeup at a fee. You can monetize this initiative further by posting ads and agreements to sell makeup for top brands.

All in All

These are a few careers to consider in arts and entertainment. Consider these as well as other art forms that you can monetize—there is so much opportunity out there.

The goal is to work hard, remain consistent, and be on the lookout for growth options. Break a leg!

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