9 Best Sex Toys for Men

9 Best Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys are the best way to explore your desires. Not all men use sex toys for masturbation; some use them with their partners. Depending on your need, you can purchase some of the best sex toys to meet your bodily needs. The market for sex toys is improving daily, simply because of their growing demand. Today, hundreds of different sex toys are available in the market designed to increase your pleasure. This article is for you if you are unaware of which sex toys to buy. We have curated a list of some of the best sex toys for men.

  • Sex Dolls: Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, are hyper-realistic dolls made of either TPE or silicone. Sex dolls are among the most popular sex toys available in the market. The best part about them is that you can also get your custom-made sex dolls. With custom-made sex dolls, you have the freedom to choose the hair colour, skin colour, body type, and other features. Some couples also use sex dolls to try threesome without the fear of getting cheated. So, it’s up to you how you want to use your sex doll to have the best orgasm.
  • Cock Rings: As the name suggests, a cock ring is a ring worn around the penis. It is one of the widely used sex toys to restrict blood flow from the erect penis. It helps in experiencing a stronger and more prolonged erection. Many men use cock rings to increase their bed performance and penis size. Moreover, they help increase the sensations that you feel while having sex. So, if you want to make every second of your sex enjoyable, must try them.

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9 Best Sex Toys for Men
  • Fleshlights: Fleshlights are realistic replicas of the female vagina, butt, or mouth. Vaginal fleshlights are the most commonly used sex toys by men. They also come with vibrators to give you a more pleasing sexual experience. It’s a masturbatory tool that comes with an opening, just like a real vagina, where men can insert their penis. They are super easy to use and affordable compared to the sex dolls.
  • Penis Massager: A penis massager is a soft silicone massager. It is used to stimulate the tip of your penis. Penis massagers come with different vibration settings to change as per your mood. You can either use it by yourself or ask your lady to give you the perfect massage using it. It can add fun to your sex life by making you feel more tempted.
  • Ball Stretchers: Ball stretchers are considered the best to increase your stamina naturally. You don’t require any pills or medicines if you use ball stretchers to stretch and press your balls. They help you remain hard and have low-hanging balls to make you feel aroused. Unlike other sex toys, ball stretchers are incredibly cheap and easy to use.
  • Penis Sleeve: A penis sleeve is a silicone penis enlargement used by men. It’s suitable for men with small penises to elongate their penis without any surgery. Although you must have heard that size doesn’t matter, but in reality, it does. Most women find men with a small penis unattractive. As a result, your sex life remains boring and dissatisfying. However, with penis sleeves, you can experience a better sex life.
  • Penis Vibrators: What’s sexier than your girl using a vibrator on you? Give your hands rest, and let your girl do the work. It will double your pleasure. If you are single, you will not have to compromise on your physical needs. You can use a vibrator to pamper yourself. Penis vibrators come with different vibrating settings. Most of them also let you change the intensity of vibration as per your requirement.
  • Lover’s Cage: This sextoy is as fancy as its name. If you are kinky and passionate when it comes to sex, the lover’s cage is the right sex toy for you. It’s literally like a cage for your penis. You can trap your penis in the lover’s cage to have out-of-the-world sensations.
  • Penis Enlargement Pump: Penis enlargement pumps are used to increase the blood flow to the penis and maintain an erection for having sex.  These pumps help the men who face difficulties in having an erection. Many men use it during foreplay or before intercourse to have a more prolonged erection. It’s like a tube made of silicon in which you are supposed to insert your penis and then you need to start pumping. It’s better to apply lube on your penis before using the pump to avoid irritation. It can also be used as a tool to stroke your penis during masturbation.
  • Prostate Massager: Men are gradually learning the benefits of prostate play. They offer a host of benefits to enhance orgasm and sexual pleasure. The vibrating prostate massager is one for the best sex toys for men. They are available in different shapes and sizes. You can charge them up using a USB, and thus they take away the worries of dealing with batteries. Moreover, it offers the convenience of speed adjustments as per your requirements.

Final Word

Sex toys are one of the best ways to elevate a man’s sex lives. You can use them with or without any partner. Creativity is an asset, and you can use these toys in different ways to please yourself. However, it would help if you always referred to the instruction sheet with these toys for guidance. Give your hands a break and buy some of the sex toys from the options mentioned here.

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