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He took a girl out for the weekend, and ended with another one!

He took a girl out for the weekend, and ended with another one! Confession of an escort lady! Here’s how you’ll know a man is cheating on you!

An ex escort, who wanted to stay anonymous, spoke about her work for the public. Her clients were usually people in relationships, engaged, or married. She aims to make all the women aware and careful of the signs that may indicate that their partner is having an affair.

She shared one amusing anecdote about a person who wanted her company on a romantic trip with his girlfriend:

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– I will never forget the time when a man hired me for one hour in Australia. He was confused and in a hurry. “I can’t stay for long,” he said, “I took the girl out for the weekend and told her to go get food.” In addition to having to remind him to go back to the hotel room with food, curiosity made me ask him why he was spending $ 1,200 on me if he was in a relationship with a girl he liked. He said to me that his girlfriend waited for several months before deciding to sleep with him finally – the escort lady revealed.

She wants to point out to all the ladies eight vital signs that your partner is cheating on you:

(If your partner did one of these things it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s cheating on you)

1. He is extremely gentle, loving, and he behaves strangely. People tell her that occasionally they feel guilty after cheating, sp they buy flowers, travel arrangements, gifts, etc. This does not indicate that every kind person cheats, but if you even doubt it, it is a sign that you should watch out for.

2. He returns home with wet hair, and there is no rain outside. Maybe he took a shower after a workout, but still, isn’t excluded that he wants to remove some other woman’s smell. If he goes to take a shower immediately when he gets home and doesn’t kiss you before that, ask yourself, why is he washing?

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3. He doesn’t go to sleep until late, and instead, he watches television, plays porn games with pregnant woman, and gets calls or messages.

4. He looks at the phone all the time, and never drops it. He even takes it with him to the shower.

5. Your sex life is changing. Whether it has disappeared or become dull or better, something that serves as hot free sex games can cause doubt.

6. The relationship between you becomes stressful. He starts a fight and calls you by someone else’s name.

7. He unexpectedly starts defending certain men who cheat.

8. If you have a strange feeling, trust your intuition. Be aware that nothing is more trustful than your instinct. So, if you believe he’s cheating, you’re probably right. That little voice in your head can save your life, and it can also warn you if something is wrong with it.

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